COVID-19 Information

Our stores are open regular hours for in-store shopping and pick up of online orders.

We are unable to accept phone orders.

Please make sure you are shopping at the store where you want to pick up your order. The store where you are currently shopping is at the top of every page. Click "Change Store" to select a different store. We are unable to move orders from one store to another.

The company that is providing our online shopping experience does not currently have functionality for the following discounts. We are unable to honor these types of discounts online:

- Coupons - manufacturer or otherwise
- Account level discounts, including Shopping Plaza Discounts and those that are grandfathered into our prior military discount program.
- Quantity discounts - for example our buy 3 for $10 type discounts
- Florida Sales Tax exemption - all online orders are charged Florida sales tax (6%) and the Hillsborough County discretionary sales tax (1.5%) Some of our monthly promotions will not be available to online shoppers.

Not all of our products in our stores are available online. Many of the items we carry, especially the loose/bulk items around the register counter do not have UPCs and at this time, cannot be added online. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Some of the product images may be dated due to recent product packaging changes by the manufacturers.

Some of the product images are not optimal - some are blurry and too small. We're working to have these corrected.

The online inventory is synchronized with our computers in the stores. But, there is a lag between updates. It is possible that something will show in stock online and we may not actually have anymore. We are working to optimize this process to reduce this possibility. If we run out of something, we will issue a credit back to your payment card used for the purchase.


Dog Gone Holistic participates in a frequent buyer rewards program called "Astro Loyalty". Through this program, customers earn "punches" on electronic cards for certain purchases of food, treats and select additional products. These punches can be redeemed for free goods. If you shop both of our stores, or shop online, punches should be combined automatically. (If you believe you are not seeing all of your purchases, please let us know and we can investigate and correct.)

If you have created an account on our online store, any product you buy that is eligible for our frequent buyer program will automatically receive a punch on your card for the purchase. If you check out as "guest" (i.e. do not create an account), you are not participating in the frequent buyer program and will not earn punches towards free products.

You may view your frequent buyer cards and punches at any time by using the Astro Loyalty mobile app, or by logging into our online store and clicking your name in the upper righthand corner.

To see what's included in Astro Loyalty and what purchase requirements must be met, please select your favorite store:

Astro Loyalty - FishHawk

Astro Loyalty - SouthShore

Note that not all products displayed on the above links are stocked in our stores, but may be available as a special order.

Redeeming A Free Item Online

When you have all of the punches on a card, you may redeem your free item online. Add the item to your cart and go to checkout. In the checkout when you get to the list of frequent buyer cards, scroll down until you find the proper card and click the "redeem" button under the card. The price of that item will be applied to your cart as a discount.

When you redeem a card for a free item, the cart will still show sales tax due. In the store, we pay the sales tax for you. The only way not to pay the sales tax is to undo the redemption, remove that item from the shopping cart and come to the store to purchase the item. Please make sure you undo the redemption so that we can redeem it for you in the store.

When you are in the cart with an item that will be your last punch on the card, you cannot also add the free item to your cart. The reason being is that your card is not punched until the purchase is paid and complete. You can turn around and create a second order just receive your free item.

If you are in the cart and select to redeem a free item and then change your mind, make sure you go back to the cart and scroll down to the card and click "unredeem" to undo the redemption.

Last updated: 9/3/2020

We’ll take it back—EXCEPT TOYS AND FREE ITEMS—within 14 days of purchase in the store or the date of the online order.

Receipt, original bags, tags and packaging must be included or return will not be accepted. We reserve the right to deny or restrict returns!

Lupine warranty - Please bring your unusable damaged product to the store and we will exchange it for a new identical item (limits apply). Wear and tear (dirty, old or frayed around the edges) is not covered. The item must be non-functional. Limit 3 in-store exchanges. See below for additional details.

Additional Warranty Information For Select Products
The following products come with manufacturer warranties handled directly with the manufacturer:

Lupine Brand Pet Collars, Harnesses and Leads - Lupine offers customers a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects, accidental damages where the item is no longer unusable. Warranty exchanges may be handled with us at the store (up to three times), or directly with Lupine Pet. Wear and tear (dirty, old or frayed around the edges) is not covered. The item must be non-functional. We reserve the right to refuse an exchange if the item appears to have been willfully damaged. Also, we will handle a maximum of 3 exchanges per customer in the store. After the three, you must contact Lupine directly. Please see this link for more information on Lupine's return process: https://www.lupinepet.com/guarantee/

PetSafe Brand Products - PetSafe provides a 1 year warranty on their products. Information on the warranty and instructions can be found on their web site at: http://www.petsafe.net/support/policies-and-terms/warranty-information.

Planet Dog - For Planet Dog toys, please see additional information on their web site at: http://www.planetdog.com/contact/customer-service

West Paw - For West Paw Design toys, please see additional information on their web site at: https://www.westpawdesign.com/customer-service/our-team/guarantee.

Outward Hound - The Outward Hound family of products* are covered by a 45 day replacement guarantee by Outward Hound. Any item having a regular retail price of $9.99 or higher may be returned once for a free replacement. The replacement item must be identical to original item. Refunds for the original item are not offered by Outward Hound.

Dog Gone Holistic is authorized to accept and process an Outward Hound replacement on your behalf. Please bring the original item, or a majority of the pieces of the item, to the store where purchased. A receipt is also required. If you do not have a receipt but you do have a Dog Gone Holistic account, we may be able to reprint the receipt required. If you are unable to provide a purchase receipt and we are unable to find the purchase on your account, no replacement will be offered per Outward Hound.

For more information, please see Outward Hound’s replacement guidelines at: https://outwardhound.com/faqs/

Outward also offers replacement parts for select items. For more information see: https://outwardhound.com/faqs/

*The Outward Hound family of products includes the following brands: Outward Hound, Petstages, Nina Ottosson, Planet Dog and Charming Pet.

The following contains important information and rules for our frequent buyer programs.

Many of the manufacturers of products we carry in the store have frequent buyer programs (e.g. buy 12 get one free). Dog Gone Holistic (DGH) also offers additional frequent buyer programs on brands that do not sponsor their own program. At our discretion, we extend and offer these programs to our customers. As a service to our customers, we also track the frequent buyer credits for you!

DGH uses an online frequent buyer tracking system called "Astro Loyalty". When we enroll you in your first frequent buyer program in Astro, you will receive and email containing links where you can set up a password on your account and download the Astro mobile app. This allows you to see your punch cards on your mobile device, if you so desire. You do not need to set up a password or download the app if you do not want too. We still track everything for you and will let you know when you are due for your free item.

The rules for these programs are set by the manufacturers and DGH has no control or leeway to bend the rules. And, rules do change from time-to-time and these rule changes do impact cards that have already been started.

Here are the rules from the manufacturers that are most common:
1. Purchases are tracked via digital "punch cards" in Astro Loyalty.
2. All items must be purchased at Dog Gone Holistic. We are not allowed to accept purchases (UPC's and/or receipts) from other stores.
3. All items required to be purchased must be purchased within 12 months of the first purchase on the card. (The time-frame varies by manufacturer.) Purchases are automatically removed from Astro if/when they expire.
4. Each manufacturer/brand has their own cards. Brands cannot be mixed on a card.
5. For most programs, different sized products will be tracked on separate cards and cannot be combined to get a free item.
6. You can usually mix the varieties/flavors purchased within the brand.
7. Products for dogs and cats are tracked separately. If you buy both, we must keep separate cards.
8. You are required to provide your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address in order to obtain your free items. We are required to provide this information to the manufacturers. If you do not want to provide this information, you will not receive any free product under the program.
9. Your free item does not count as an item towards your next purchase requirement.
10. Cards have no cash value. You cannot use the value of the free bag to purchase any other item.
11. You cannot pay the difference to upgrade your free bag to a larger size (e.g. your free bag is a 5lb bag and you want to pay the difference to get a 15lb bag). The converse is also true. If you have a free 15lb bag, you cannot get a 5lb bag and used the price difference to get a refund or to purchase something else.
12. If you are due a free item on a card and all of the items on the card are not identical (i.e. same UPC), your free item will be the lowest priced item on the card as determined by the product's manufacturer.

Last Updated: 8/21/2022

If there is something you are looking for and we do not carry it in the store, ask us! We have access to thousands of additional pet products. We also have access to products for other animals - aquatic, reptiles, small animals such as hamsters, rabbits, etc. (Sorry, we cannot get live animals or insects.) Special orders are typically available within a week.

Please note: Special orders may require a non-refundable deposit.

Special orders are NOT returnable under our 14 day return policy. If there is a manufacturer's defect, we will exchange it for an identical replacement item.

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